New Books at the Douglas Library


14 Days: A Collaborative Novel
Adams: Twilight Garden
Alexander: Worry
Allen: Next of Kin
Baldacci: Calamity of Souls
Bardugo: The Familiar
Berest: The Postcard
Berry: Atlas Maneuver
Bohjalian: Princess of Las Vegas 
Brooks: The Woman in the Sable Coat

Brown: Out of Nowhere
Carpenter: Ilium

Child: The Secret
Christiansen: Welcome Home Strangers
Colgan: Studies at the School by the Sea
Connis: Suggested Reading

Darraj: Behind You is the Sea
Denfeld: Sleeping Giants
Dray: Becoming Madam Secretary
Elston: First Lie Wins
Everett: James
Fein: London Bookshop Affair
Finn: End of Story
Frankel: Family, Family
French: The Hunter
Garcia-Marquez: Until August
Gardner: Still See You Everywhere
Gramazio: Husbands
Hakoda: Cold to the Touch
Hannah: Women
Harrow: Starling House
Hawkins; Heiress
Hayes: Year of the Locust
Henry: Funny Story
Hughes: Alternatives
Kellerman; Ghost Orchid
Krueger: River we Remember
Kubica: She's Not Sorry
Lawhon: Frozen River
Livesey: Road from Belhaven
McTiernan: What Happened to Nina
Messud: Strange Eventful History
Miranda: Daughter of Mine
Nicholls: You are Here
Orange: Wandering Stars
Pataki: Finding Margaret Fuller

Patterson: Crosshairs, Lawyer
Perry: Hero
Piazza: Sicilian Inheritance
Quindlen: After Annie

Rash: The Caretaker
Reichl: Paris Novel 
Roberts: Mind Games
Sandford: Toxic Prey
Scottoline: Truth About the Devlins
Simonson: Hazelbourn Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club
Slaughter: After That Night
Smiley: Lucky
St. James: Murder Road
Steel: Only the Brave
Talty: Fire Exit
Tietjen: Death is in the Details
Tintera: Listen for the Lie
Taylor: Dead Man's Hand
Toibin: Long Island
Towles: Table for Two
Unger: New Couple in 5B
Ware: One Perfect Couple
Webb: Queens of London
White: Unquiet Bones
Williams: House of Broken Bricks

Winslow: City in Ruins

Alberta: The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
Alexander: Skies of Thunder

Attia: Outlive: The Science and Art of Long Life
Berg: The Burning of the World
Brands: Founding Partisans
Cheney: Oath and Honor
Connolly: On Every Tide: The Making and Remaking of the Irish World
Durrani: Last to Eat, Last to Learn
Eig: King, A Life
Faust: Necessary Trouble: Growing Up Midcentury
Goodwin: Unfinished Love Story, A Personal History....

Grann: Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny...
Harmon: Ghosts of Honolulu
Head: Republic of Scoundrels
Isaacson: Elon Musk
Junger:In My Time of Dying

Lance: Chamber Divers
Land: Class
LaMott: Somehow: Thoughts on Love
Larson: Demon of Unrest: A Saga of Hubris....
McGraw: We've Got Issues

Ranganath: Why We Remember
Renkl: Comfort of Crows
Richardson: Democracy Awakening: Notes on the State of America
Swanson: The Deerfield Massacre
Trent: Between Two Trailers
Sides: Wide, Wide Sea
Vermilyea: Litchfield County and the Civil War
Vlahos: The In-Between
Winn: Landlines: The Remarkable Story of a 1000 Mile Journey...

Beaton: Death of a Spy
Black: Murder at La Villette
Bowen: In Sunshine or in Shadow
Box: Three Inch Teeth
Bruen: Galway Confidential
Casey: The Close
Griffiths: Last Word
Hillerman: Lost Birds
Horowitz: Close to Death
Jance: Blessing of the Lost Girls
Johnson: First Frost
Kashiwai: Kamogawa Food Detectives
McCall-Smith: From a Far and Lovely Country
McDermid: Past Lying
Osman: Last Devil to Die
Perry: Traitor Among Us
Prose: Mystery Guest
Robinson: Standing in the Shadows