New Books at the Douglas Library

UPDATED  November 2021

Abbott: The Turnout
Adams: The Reading List
Albom: Stranger in the Lifeboat
Alderton: Ghosts
Airgood: Tin Camp Road
Archer: Over My Dead Body
Baldacci: Mercy

Banville: April in Spain
Bartz: We Were Never Here
Benedict: Personal Librarian
Brown: Blind Tiger
Cash: When Ghosts Come Home
Child: Better Off Dead
Clinton: State of Terror
Connelly: Dark Hours
Connolly: Nameless Ones
Cosby: Razorblade Tears
Dave: Last Thing He told Me
Doerr: Cloud Cuckoo Land
Erdrich: Sentence

Escandon: LA Weather
Feeney: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Franzen: Crossroads
Freud: I Couldn't Love You More
Gabaldon: Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone

Gerritsen: Choose Me
Grisham: Judge's List
Groff: Matrix
Harris: The Other Black Girl
Hawkins: Slow Fire Burning
Heller: The Guide
Hoffman: Book of Magic
Jeffers: Love Songs of W E B Dubois
Jewell: The Night She Disappeared
Johansen: High Stakes
Keegan: Small Things Like These

King: Billy Summers
Korelitz: The Plot
LeCarre: Silverview
Luchette: Agatha of Little Neon
Maynard: Count the Ways
Moriarty: Apples Never Fall
Ozeki: Book of Form and Emptiness
Patterson: Fear No Evil
Rader-Day: Death at Greenway
Ritter: Great Glorious Goddamn of It All
Rooney: Beautiful World Where Are You
Shteyngart: Our Country Friends
Sparks: The Wish
Steel: The Butler
Strout: Oh William

Towles; Lincoln Highway
Tursten: An Elderly Lady Must Not be Crossed

Unger: Last girl Ghosted
Wahrer: Damage
Whitehead; Harlem Shuffle
Winman: Still Life

Brands: Our Fist Civil War...

Burroughs: Forget the Alamo
Cooper: Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall ....
Couric: Going There

Duckworth: Everyday is a Gift
Frankel: Into the Forest: A Holocaust Story..
French: Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story
Gallagher: New Women in the Old West
Goodall: Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times

Orlean: On Animals
Perry: What Happened to You?
Philbrick: Travels With George
Pollan: This is Your Mind on Plants
Rebanks: Pastoral Song: A Farmer's Journey
Sedaris: A Carnival of Snackery
Simard: Finding the Mother Tree
Vitale: In the Weeds: Anthony Bourdain....
Wang: Beautiful Country
Zauner: Crying in H Mart

Atkins: Heathens
Bowen: God Rest Ye Royal Gentlemen
Box: Dark Sky
Cleeve: Heron's Cry
Doiron: Dead by Dawn
Evanovich: Game On: Tempting 28
Goldberg: Gated Prey
Horowitz: Line to Kill
Hilliard: Unkindness of Ravens
Jance: Unfinished Business
McCall-Smith: Joy and Light Bus Company
Mayor: Marked Man
Muller: Ice and Stone
Osman: The Man Who Died Twice
Penny: Madness of Crowds
Perry: Darker Reality

Todd: Irish Hostage
Walker: Coldest Case