New Books



Alger; Girls Like Us
Andrews: Sunset Beach
Arnett: Mostly Dead Things
Atkinson: Big Sky
Atwood: Testaments

Baldacci: One Good Deed
Billingham: Their Little Secret
Brown: Outfox

Castillo: Shamed
Delaney: Perfect Wife
Donati: Where the Light Enters
Donoghue: Akin
Fisher: Wives
Fox: Widow of Pale Harbor
Grames: Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna
Gilbert: City of Girls
Hildebrand: Summer of 69
Hillman: Bookshop of the Broken Hearted
Holmes: Evvie Drake Starts Over
Jackson: Never Have I Ever

Johansen: Dark Tribute
Kamali: The Stationery Shop
Keane: Ask Again, Yes
King: Institute

Krueger: This Tender Land
Lagercrantz: The Girl Who lived Twice

Lapena: Someone We Know
Lombardo: Most Fun We've Ever Had
Lippman: Lady in the Lake
McCall Smith: Second Worse Restaurant in France
McEwan: Machines Like Me
McKinty: Chain
MacNeal: The Doll Factory
MacOmber: Window on the Bay
Mallery: Summer of Sunshine and Margot
Maum; Costalegre
Mina: Conviction
Miranda: The Last House Guest
Montag: After the Flood
Obrecht: Inland
Olson: Before the Devil Fell
Patterson: The Inn
Phillips: Need
Preston: Old Bones
Prior: Ellie and the Harpmaker
Quinn: The Huntress
Richardson: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Rushdie: Quichotte
Russo: Chances Are
Ryan: Spies of Shilling Lane
Sager: Lock Every Door
Salazar: Flight Girls
Silva; New Girl
Slaughter: Last Widow
Steel: Dark Side
Stibbe: Reasons to be Cheerful
Stradl: Lager Queen of Minnesota
Thor: Backlash
Wall: Dearly Beloved
Ware: Turn of the Key
Weiner: Mrs Everything
Whitehead: Nickel Boys
Wiggs; Oysterville Sewing Circle
Williams: Supper Club
Woods: Skin Game

Aronson: Elderhood: Redefining Aging
Atkinson: The British are Coming
Bowden: Last Stone
Broom: Yellow House
Cep: Furious Hours

Diaz: Ordinary Girls
Fishman: One Giant Leap...
Girman: Haben: the Deafblind Woman who Conquered....
Gladwell: Talking to Strangers
Jensen: Chase Darkness With Me
Kershaw: First Wave

McCullough: Pioneers
Purnell: A Woman of No Importance
Taddeo: Three Women

Atherton: Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold
Black: Murder in Bel Air

Box: Bitterroots
Cleeves: Long Call

Crombie: Bitter Feast
Doiron: Almost Midnight
Kuhns: Simply Dead
McCall Smith: Department of Sensitive Crimes
McDermid: Broken Ground
Penny: A Better Man
Todd: Black Ascot
Walker: Body in the Castle Well