New Books

UPDATED October 2020

Atakora: Conjure Women
Anonymous: Becoming Duchess Goldblatt
Backman: Anxious People
Bennett: The Vanishing Half
Brown: Thick as Thieves
Castillo: Outsider
Chase: Daughters of Foxcote Manor
Clegg: End of the Day
Cooney: Before She was Helen
Coulter: Deadlock

Davis: Lions of Fifth Avenue
Delaney: Playing Nice
Donoghue: Pull of the Stars
Ferrante: Lying Life of Adults

Flynn: Total Power
Follett: Evening and the Morning
Ford: Crooked Hallelujah
French: Searcher

Galbraith: Troubled Blood
Greaney: One Minute Out
Gyasi: Transcendent Kingdom

Hegi: Patron Saint of Pregnant girls
Hiaasen: Squeeze Me
Hilderbrand: Troubles in Paradise
Hoffman: Magic Lessons

Koontz: Elsewhere
Lemmie: Fifty Words for Rain
Livesey: Boy in the Field
Lyons: Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett
Mason: Dear Ann
Meyerson: Imperfects
Miller: Monogamy
Nichols: Sweet Sorrow
O'Farrell: Hamnet
Patterson: Rush, Summer House, Midwife Murders
Persand: Love After Love
Picoult Book of 2 Ways
Robb: Shadows in Death
Schultz: Daughters of Erietown
Sparks: The Return
Steel: Royal

Strong: Want
Swift: Here We Are

Thor: Near Dark
Ware: One by One
Wyld: Bass Rock

Yang: White Ivy
 Zhang: How Much of These Hills Is Gold

Ball: Life of a Klansman, A Family History
Bregman: Humankind: A Hopeful History
DiAngelo: White Fragility
Kendi: How to Be an Anti Racist
MacIntyre: Agent Sonya

Meacham: His Truth is Marching On
Nestor: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art
O'Reilly: Killing Crazy Horse
Shetty: Think Like a Monk

Sellers: My Vanishing Country, A Memoir
Stuart-Smith: The Well Gardened Mind: The Restorative Power of Gardening
Thunberg: Our House is On Fire
Trump: Too Much and Never Enough

Wallace: Countdown 1945
Wilkerson: Caste: The Origins of our Discontent
Woodward: Rage


Bowen: Last Mrs. Summers
Doiron: One Last Lie
Finch: Last Passenger
Griffiths: Lantern Men
Jance: Credible Threat
McDermid: How the Dead Speak
Osman: Thursday Murder Club
Penny: All the Devils are Here
Perry: Question of Betrayal
Stabenow: No Fixed Line

Walker: Shooting at Chateau Rock