New Books at the Douglas Library


Baldacci: Simply Lies
Baker: Midnight News
Barclay: Lie Maker
Carr: Only the Dead
Casati: Clytemnestra
Catton: Birnam Wood
Clark: Where are the Children Now
Coben: I Will Find You
Cooney: Wrong Good Deed
Dallas: Where Coyotes Howl
Franklin: Lioness of Boston
Frazier: Trackers
George: Maame

Greavey: Burner
Hawkins: The Villa
Henry: Happy Place
Indridason: Girl by the Bridge
Jackson: With My Little Eye
Jackson: Pineapple Street
Johansen: More than Meets the Eye
Joyce: Maureen
Katsu: Red London
Keane: Half Moon
Kellerman: Unnatural History
Kelly: Golden Doves
Kelly: Lost English Girl
Kubica: Just the Nicest Couple
Labuska: Librarian of Burned Books
Landay: All That is Mine I Carry
Lehane: Small Mercies
Lipman: Ms. Demeanor
MCall Smith: Enigma of Garlic
McKenzie: Dog of the North
Makkai: I Have Some Questions for You
Maynard: The Bird Hotel
Miranda: Only Survivors
Moore: The Lost Wife
Moore: Summer Stage
Morton: Homecoming
Moustakis: Homestead
Napolitano: Hello Beautiful
Oates: 48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister
Patterson: 23rd Midnight
Penner: London Séance Society
Roberts: Identify
Ryan: Queen of Dirt Island
Sandford: Dark Angel
Shook: If We're Being Honest
Simpson: Commitment
Steel: Wedding Planner
Stradal: Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club
Thayer: All the Days of Summer
Van Pelt: Remarkably Bright Creatures
Verghese: Covenant of Water

Walls: Hang the Moon
Winslow: City of Dreams
Zigman: Small World

Attia: Outlive: The Science and Art of Long Life

Desmond: Poverty by America
Egan: Fever in the Heartland

Elliot: Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival and Hope...
Faloyin: Africa is Not A Country
Grann: Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny...
Hochschild: American Midnight: The Great War..

Kidder: Rough Sleepers
Lithwick: Lady Justice: Women and the Law...
May: Enchantment: Awakening wonder....
Meltzer: Nazi Conspiracy
Mukherjee: Song of the Cell
Perelman: Smitten Kitchen Keepers
Perry: South to America
Rubin: Life in Five Senses
Shapiro: The Best Strangers in the World
Totenberg: Dinners with Ruth
Waldinger; The Good Life
Webb: Seven Step Homestead
Winchester: Knowing What We Know
Wohllben: Power of Trees

Woo: Master Slave Husband Wife

Beaton: Death of a Traitor
Black: Night Flight to Paris
Bowen: All that is Hidden

Box: Storm Watch
Childs; Lemon Curd Killer
Crombie: Killing of Innocents
Griffiths: Last Remains
Hillerman: Way of the Bear
Jance: Collateral Damage
Mayor: Fall Guy
Perry: 4th Enemy
Robinson: Standing in the Shadows
Stabenow: Not the Ones Dead
Thompson: Murder on Bedford Street

Todd: Cliff's Edge
Winspear: The White Lady