New Books at the Douglas Library


Archer: Next in Line
Atkinson: Shrines of Gaiety
Backman: Winners
Barnes: Elizabeth Finch
Bayard: Jackie and Me
Brooks: Horse
Brown: Any Other Family
Cannon: Tidy Ending
Chiaverini: Switchboard Soldiers
Dean: Book Eaters
Diaz: Trust
Feeney: Daisy Darker
Fielding: The Housekeeper
Flowers: All Good People Here
Fofana: Stories from the Tenants Downstairs

Garmus: Lessons in Chemistry
Gentill: Woman in the Library
Grisham: Sparring Partners
Guitierrez: More Than You'll Ever Know

Johansen: Captive
King: Fairy Tale
Kreuger: Fox Creek
Leary: The Foundling
Lico: Hester
McEwan: Lessons
McCracken: Hero of this Book
MacOmber: Best is Yet to Come
Miranda: Last to Vanish
Ng: Our Missing Hearts
O'Farrell: Marriage Portrait
Patterson: Blowback, Triple Cross
Picoult: Mad Honey
Richardson: Book Woman's Daughter 
Reichs: Cold, Cold Bones
Sandford: Righteous Prey
Slaughter: Girl Forgotten
Sparks: Dreamland
Steel: Challenge
Strout: Lucy by the Sea
Talty: Night of the Living Rez
Turow: Suspect
Ware: It Girl
Zevin: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Buck: Life on the Mississippi
Cummings: Composting for the Absolute Beginner
Danieri: Appalachian Trail: A Biography
Gorman: Call Us What We Carry
Graeber: Dawn of Everything

Henry: Yellowstone National Park: the First 150 Years
Keefe: Rogues: True Stories....
MacIntyre: Prisoners of the Castle
Mayes: A Place in the World
O'Reilly: Killing the Legends
Patterson: Diana, William & Harry
Raff: Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas
Rowe: Vacuuming in the Nude
Smil: How the World Really Works
Tur: Rough Draft
Totenberg: Dinners with Ruth
Tyson: Starry Messenger
Wohlbien: Forest Walking
Yong: Immense World, How Animal Senses Reveal....
Zauner: Crying in H Mart


Box: Treasure State
Cleeves: Rising Tide
Griffiths: Locked Room
Horowitz: With a Mind to Kill
Mayor: Fall Guy
Osman: The Bullet that Missed
Perry: Truth to Lie For
Rankin: Heart full of Head Stones
Taylor: The Drowning Sea
Todd: Game of Fear
Walker: To Kill a Troubador
Weaver: Key to Deceit