New Books at the Douglas Library


Baldacci: 6:20 Man
Barton: Local Gone Missing
Bayard: Jackie an Me
Berry: Omega Factor
Bester-Siegal: Caretakers
Brooks: Horse
Brown: Any Other Family
Burke: Every Cloak Rolled in Blood
Chiaverini: Switchboard Soldiers
Cole: Groundskeeping
Coulter: Reckoning
Diaz: Trust
Egan: Candy House

Garmus: Lessons in Chemistry
Gentill: Woman in the Library
Gerritsen: Listen to Me
Grisham: Sparring Partners
Gutierrez: More Than You'll Know
Higgins: Out of the Clear Blue Sky
Hoover: Verity
Hilderbrand: Hotel Nantucket
Hoover: Verity

Jenner: Bloomsbury Girls
Kanon: Berlin Exchange
Kellerman: City of the Dead
Koontz: Big Dark Sky
Lovering: Can't Look Away
Mandel: Sea of Tranquility
McCall-Smith: Love in the Time of Bertie
Miranda: Last to Vanish
Moore:: Vacationland
Murphy: Honest Living
Patterson: Shattered
Pavone: Two Nights in Lisbon
Pearce: Retreat

Pooley: Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting
Richardson: Book Woman's Daughter 
Reichs: Cold, Cold Bones
Sager: The House Across the Lake
Sandford: Investigator
Silva: Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Simon: Patron Saint of Second Chances
Sorrell: Wise Women
Steel: Suspects
Thor:: Rising Tiger
Umrigar: Honor
Ward: Lifeguards
Ware: It Girl
Wilkerson: Black Cake
White: 2nd Husband

Bloom: In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss
Bruni: The Beauty of Dusk
Cain: Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole
Cummings: Composting for the Absolute Beginner
Danieri: Appalachian Trail: A Biography
Graeber: Dawn of Everything

Henry: Yellowstone National Park: the First 150 Years
Keefe: Rogues: True Stories....
Kershaw: Against all Odds
Millard: River of the Gods
Murphy: Grow Now
Raff: Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas
Sedaris: Happy-Go-Lucky
Smil: How the World Really Works
Tucci: Taste: My Life Through Food
Wohlbien: Forest Walking
Yovanovich: Lessons From the Edge
Zauner: Crying in H Mart


Box: Shadows Reel
Castillo: Hidden
Doiron: Hatchet Island

Evanovich: Recovery Agent
Goldberg: Movieland

Hillerman: Sacred Bridge
Horowitz: With a Mind to Kill
Jance: Nothing to Lose
Perry: Three Debts Paid
Schellman: Last Call at the Nightingale
Taylor: The Drowning Sea
Todd: Game of Fear
Weaver: Key to Deceit
Winspear: Sunlit Weapon