New Books at the Douglas Library


Archer: Traitor's Gate
Atkinson: Normal Rules Don't Apply
Ayoama: What You are Looking for is in the Library
Baker: Midnight News
Barry: Swamp Story
Barclay: Lie Maker
Benedict; First Ladies
Benjamin: California Golden
Berney: Dark Ride

Brown: Out of Nowhere
Castellano: Save What's Left
Castillo: Evil Heart
Chiaverini: Canary Girls
Collins: A Good House for Children
Cobb: A Likeable Woman
Divello: Broadway Butterfly
Enright: Wren, the Wren
Flynn: Code Red
Garcia: Vanishing Maps
Groff: Vaster Wilds
Hay: The Housekeepers
Heller: Last Ranger
Herron: Secret Hours
Hill: Wellness
James: Loot
Jewell: None of this is true
Jiles: Chenneville
Johansen: Survivor
Jones: The Tradeoff
Kim: Happiness Falls
King: Holly
Knoll: Bright Young Women
Krueger: River we Remember
Kuang: Yellowface
Lippman: Prom Mom
Littlewood: Amazing Grace Adams
McAllister: Just Another Missing Person

McBride: Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
McFadden: The Housemaid

MacMillan: The Nanny
McMillan: The Long Weekend
Mason: North Woods

Norton: Forever Home
Patchett: Tom Lake
Phillips: Night Watch
Preston: Dead Mountain
Quick: The Bride Wore White
Quinn: Mrs. Plansky's Revenge
Rash: The Caretaker
Robb: Payback in Death
Roberts: Identity
Sandford: Judgment Prey
Schumacher: The English Experience

See: Lady Tan's Circle of Women
Silva: The Collector
Sims: How Can I Help You
Slaughter: After That Night
Smith: Fraud

Steel: 2nd Act
Thai: Banyan Moon
Trussoni: Puzzle Master
Umrigar: Museum of Failures
Verghese: Covenant of Water

Ware: Zero Days
Weiner: Breakaway
Williams: The Bookbinder
Whitehead: Crook Manifesto

Ackerman: What an Owl Knows

Attia: Outlive: The Science and Art of Long Life
Berg: The Burning of the World

Brokaw: Never Give Up: A Prairie Family Story
Cooper: Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune

Desmond: Poverty by America
Eig: King, A Life

Elliot: Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival and Hope...
Faloyin: Africa is Not A Country
Goodheart: Lost Island
Goodyear; President Garfield
Grann: Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny...
Maum: The Year of Horses
Perry: South to America
Pick-Goslar: My Friend Ann Frank
Sevigny: Brave the Wild River
Thomas; Still Life at Eighty
Tyson: To Infinity and Beyond

Shapiro: The Best Strangers in the World
Wohllben: Power of Trees, Our Little Farm

Beaton: Dead on Target
Bowen: Paris Assignment
Borgos: Bitter Past
Cleeves: Raging Storm
Doiron: Dead Man's Wake
Jance: Blessing of he Lost Girls
Johnson: Longmire Defense
Mina: 2nd Murderer
Osman: Last Devil to Die
Perry: Traitor Among Us
Robinson: Standing in the Shadows
Seales: Most Agreeable Murder
Taylor: Stolen Child
Thompson: Murder on Bedford Street
Walker: Chateau Under Seige