New Books


Allende: Long Petal of the Sea
Alvarez: Afterlife
Andrews: Hello Summer
Baldacci: Walk the Wire
Barry: Secret Guests
Barry: Don't Turn Around
Beams: Illness Lesson

Bohjalian: Red Lotus
Bolton: Split
Brown: Pretty Things
Brown: Recipe for a Perfect Wife
Carr: Country Guesthouse
Chamberlain: Big Lies in a Small Town

Clark: Last Flight
Connelly: Fair Warning
Constantine: Wife Stalker
Cussler: Wrath of Poisedon
Delinsky: Week at the Shore
De Los Santos: I'd Give Anything
Dolan: The Sweeney Sisters
Foley: Guest List
Gaige: Sea Wife
Godwin: Old Lovegood Girls
Grisham: Camino Island
Hadlow: Other Bennet Sister
Hilderbrand: 28 Summers
Hornby: Miss Austen
Hyde; Brave Girl, Quiet Girl
Jenner: Jane Austen Society
Jiles: Simon the Fiddler
Jones: Half Sister
Kay: 7 Lies
Kidd: The Book of Longing
L'Engle: The Moment of Tenderness: Stories

McCann: Apeirgogon
McCreight: Good Marriage
Mandel: Glass Hotel
Majumdar: A Burning
May: Silent Death
Miranda: Girl From Widow Hills
Offill: Weather
Patterson: Rush, Summer House
Phillips: Dance Away With Me
Riley: Sun Sister
Roberts: Hideaway
Shaara: To Wake the Giant: A Novel of Pearl Harbor
St. John: Lion's Den
Steel: Daddy's Girls
Straub: All Adults Here

Turow: Last Trial
Tyler: Redhead by the Side of the Road
Weiner: Big Summer
Wingate: Book of Lost Friends
Wright: End of October
Young: Distant Dead


Albright: Hell and Other Destinations
Buford: Dirt: Adventures in Lyon as a Chef
Coe: You Never Forget Your First: George Washington
Copeland: Lost Family: How DNA Testing...

Glenconner: Lady in Waiting
Greene: Until the End of Time
Harding: Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier...
Higginbotham: Midnight in Chernobyl
Larson: The Splendid and the Vile
Kolker: Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family
Larson: The Splendid and the Vile
Purnell: A Woman of No Importance
Sheldrake: Entanled LIfe: How Fungi Make Our Worlds...
Thunberg: Our House is On Fire


Black: 3 Hours in Paris
Cleeves: Long Call
Finch: Last Passenger
Griffiths: Now You See Them
Hall: Case of the Reincarnated Client
Jance: Credible Threat

McCall Smith: Talented Mr. Varg
McDermid: How the Dead Speak
Paretsky: Dead Land
Perry: Fatal Flaw
Rankin: Westwind
Spencer-Fleming: Hid From our Eyes

Walker: Shooting at Chateau Rock