New Books at the Douglas Library

UPDATED February 2021

Akhtar: Homeland Elegies
Ardone: Chidlren's Train
Alam: Leave the World Behind
Audrain: Push
Baldacci: Daylight
Benedict: The Mystery of Mrs. Christie
Benjamin: Children's Blizzard
Bennett: The Vanishing Half
Boyd: Trio
Bradby: Double Agent
Cameron: Tom Clancy: Shadow of the Dragon
Child: Sentinel
Connelly: Law of Innocence
Flynn: Total Power
Follett: Evening and the Morning
Gordon: Payback
Haig: Midnight Library
Hannah: Four Winds
Harper: Survivors
Hurwitz: Prodigal Son
Jewel: Invisible Girl
Johnson: Sisters
Joyce; Miss Benson's Beetle
Kellerman: Serpentine

Kelly: Last Garden in England
Lindsay: Fool Me Twice
Mallery: Vineyard at the Painted Moon
Meissner: Nature of Fragile Things
O'Farrell: Hamnet
Patterson: Russian
Perry: Eddie's Boy
Peters: Detransition, Baby
Preston: Scorpion's Tail
Rice: Shadow Box
Robb: Faithless in Death
Robinson: Jack
Schwab: Invisible Life of Addie Larue
Steel: Neighbors
Taylor: American Traitor
Veselka: Great Offshore Grounds
Walters: Cold Millions
Yang: White Ivy

Bittman: Animal, Vegetable, Junk
Brockovich: Superman's Not Coming
Doyle: Untamed
Fox: No Time Like the Future
Kendi: How to Be an Anti Racist
Kendi: 400 Souls: A Community History of African America
Maddow: Bag Man

Meacham: His Truth is Marching On
Michaelis: Eleanor

Obama: Promised Land
Patterson: Last Days of John Lennon
Sedaris: Best of Me
Shetty: Think Like a Monk

Wilkerson: Caste: The Origins of our Discontent
Winchester: Land

Beaton: Hot to Trot
Bowen: Last Mrs. Summers
Childs: Egg Shooters
Evanovich: Fortune and Glory
Hannah: Killings at Kingfisher Hill
Horowtiz: Moonflower Murders
McCall Smith: Promise of Ankles
McDermid: Still Life
March: Murder in Old Bombay
Osman: Thursday Murder Club
Penny: All the Devils are Here
Perry: Question of Betrayal
Rankin: Song for Dark Times
Taylor: Mountains Wild
Truss; Murder by Milk Bottle