New Books

UPDATED January 2019


Alger: The Banker's Wife
Archer: Heads You Win
Baldacci: Long Road to Mercy
Barbash: Dakota Winters
Barry: Freefall
Blauner: Sunrise Highway
Bruen: In the Galway Silence
Burke: New Iberia Blues
Burns: Milkman

Candlish: Our House
Cannon: Three Things About Elsie

Chaney: As Long as We Both Shall Live
Clark: You Don't Own Me
Connelly: Dark Sacred Night
Daly: Open Your Eyes
Davies: West
Forsyth: Fox

French:Witch Elm
Fuller: Bitter Orange
Hadley: Late in the Day
Harvey: Pulse
Hendricks: Aonymous Girl

Hoag: Boy
Hurley: Devil's Day
Jewell: Watching You
Kelly: Light over London
King: Elevation
Krentz: Untouchable
Lescroat: Rule of Law
MacOmber: Alaskan Holiday
Makkai: Great Believers
Moriarty: 9 Perfect Strangers
Orange: There, There
Owens: Where the Crawdads Sing
Patterson: Liar, Liar
Pearce: Dear Mrs. Bird

Preston:  Verses for the Dead
Quirk: Night Agent
Roy: All the Lives We Never Lived
Sandford: Holy Ghost
Schteyngart: Lake Success
Smith: The Drowning

Steel: Turning Point
St. Vincent: Ways to Hide in Winter
Taylor: Daughter of War
Thompson: Cloud in the Shape of a Girl
Walker: Dreamers
Walsh: Ghosted


Albright: Fascism: A Warning
Alexiou: Devil's Mile: The Rich Gritty History of the Bowery

Bechloss; Presidents of War
Bythell: Diary of a Bookseller
Cook: the Truth about Animals
DeHart: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ehrenreich: Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness
Field: In Pieces

Forman: Locking up Our Own
Fountain: Beautiful Country Burn Again
Goodwin: Leadership in Turbulent Times
Lamott: Almost Everything
Land: Maid

MacIntyre: The Spy and the Traitor
Macy: Dopesick
Obama: Becoming

O'Reilly: Killing the SS
Saslow: Rising Out of Hatred
Sides: On Desperate Ground
Woodward: Feared


Atherton: Aunt Dimity and the King's Ransom
Atkins: Sinners

Beaton: Dead Ringer
Black: Murder on the Left Bank
Child: Eggs on Ice
Evanovich: Look Alive 25

Griffiths: Vanishing Box
McCall Smith: Colors of all the Cattle
McDermid: Broken Ground
Paretsky: Shell Game

Perry: Dark Tide Rising
Rankin: In a House of Lies
Todd: Gate Keeper
Walker: Taste of Vengeance