New Books



Abbott: Give Me Your Hand
Barnes: Only Story
Blum: The Lost Family
Blundell: High Season
Borman: King's Witch
Castillo: Gatheing of Secrets
Clinton/Patterson: The President is Missing
Cussler: Gray Ghost
Delury: The Balcony
Frank: If You Leave Me
Frazier: Varina
Gabel: The Ensemble
Herron: London Rules
Hilderbrand: Perfect Couple
Johansen: Double Blind

Kim: If You Leave Me
King: Outsider
Kitson: Sal

Koontz: Forbidden Door
Koontz: Crooked Staircase

Korda: Alone
Koryta; How it Happened

Kushner; The Mars Room
McCall-Smith: Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse
McLaughlin: Bearskin
MacOmber: Cottage by the Sea
Mallery: When We Found Home

Miller: Circe
Mirza: A Place for Us
Molloy: Perfect Mother
Morton: Clockmaker's Daughter
Murata: Convenience Store Woman

Offut: Country Dark
Ondaatje: Warlight
Paris: Bring Me Back
Patterson: 17th Suspect
Pearson: How Hard Can It Be
Pekkanen: Ever After
Perry: The Bomb Maker
Roberts: Shelter in Place
Sacks: You Were Meant for This
Sager: Last Time I Lied
Schteyngart: Lake Success
Scottoline: After Anna
Silva: Other Woman

Simsion: Two Steps Forward
Slaughter: Pieces of Her
Smith: Maze at Windermere
Steel: The Good Fight
Thayer: Nantucket Wedding
Tyler: Clock Dance

Van der Berg: Third Hotel 
Vincenzi: A Question of Truth
Weir: Jane Seymour and the Haunted Queen

Wiggs: Between You and Me
Williams: Summer Wives
Woods: Upstate
Wright: Other Side of the Bridge

Albright: Fascism: A Warning
Bass: Grateful
Brusatte: Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs
Carreyrou: Bad Blood
Cook: the Truth about Animals
Ehrenreich: Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness
Felix: Elizabeth Warren

Forman: Locking up Our Own
Hanson: Buzz; Nature and Necessity of Bees
Itzkoff; Robin
McCain: Endless Wave
McNamara: I'll Be Gone in the Dark
Meacham: Soul of America
Pfeiffer: Lyme: The 1st Epidemic of Climate Change
Pollan: How to Change Your Mind
Roth: This Messy Magnificent Life
Sedaris: Calypso
Warmariya: The Girl Who Smiled Beads
Winchester: Perfectionists

Beaton: Death of an Honest Man
Black: Murder on the Left Bank
George: The Punishment She Deserves
Griffiths: Dark Angel
Horowitz: The Word is Murder
Jance: Duel to the Death
Perry:Echo of Murder
Thompson: Murder on Union Square
Todd: Gate Keeper
Ware:Death of Mrs. Westaway